Recycled Material

Recycled Material

Concrete/Asphalt recycling has become an increasingly popular method of utilizing aggregate that is left behind when structures or roadways are demolished. This eliminates the need for using landfills, thereby helping with environmental concerns while keeping construction costs down.

Are you wondering why YOU should choose our recycled material?

It is 100% recycled material. Concrete or asphalt that would have been hauled to a landfill is now recycled.

Crushed concrete weights 10%-15% less than comparable virgin quarry products used to make concrete. This means less weight per cubic yard, which equates to reduced material costs, haul costs, and overall project costs.

Our main focus is crushing concrete so provide usable material for anyone in need from the Commercial Contractor, Residential, or Homeowner.

If you are still not convinced or have any other questions, feel free to contact our office any time between 7:100 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday for a free quote.

Using a recycled product can facilitate the process of obtaining LEED Green Building Certification.